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Clockwise Capital is an asset management firm with a private equity approach to the public markets. We focus on the meaning of time and the role it plays in people's lives. We believe the essence of a great investment resides in the ability of a company to either save their customers time, or improve its quality. We understand how technology evolves to drive these two factors, which we believe define human progress. As a result, we search for securities with cyclically depressed valuations whose companies save time, thus using secularly advantaged industries to build a concentrated portfolio. With each series of investments our goal is to optimize edge, maximize return, while also minimizing correlation. This allows our portfolio to maintain a liquid, low duration fixed income balance, ready to capitalize on market volatility, while still generating market beating performance.

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There’s nothing magical about the trillion-dollar club. Here’s the thing, though. It was always a question of when companies pass this threshold…

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Big Tech and Media in 2020: What to Expect

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What’s Holding Back Cryptocurrencies?

For many people, cryptocurrencies remain an enigma. We’re told by pundits that they’re risky, possibly present a financial bubble, and are accessible only to wealthy tech savants. But the reality is that...

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