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The risks inherent to the market have evolved, as investors face a backdrop of growing economic and market uncertainty. Fortunately, technology always iterates forward in the form of new innovations despite changes in the economic landscape. We believe we are at the beginning of a technology revolution enabled by the cloud internet infrastructure installed over previous decades. Companies which best leverage the cloud are increasingly able to grow sales without the addition of physical assets. Similar to previous industrial revolutions, this type of paradigm shift is typically accompanied by increased levels of volatility, as new companies disrupt old.  We’re advocates of a broad and supportive diversification mix of non-correlated asset classes to accompany a cloud driven approach. This can further smooth out the investing experience. We believe the opportunity cost of missing out on these seismic shifts is perhaps the biggest risk investors face.  Successfully navigating this volatile transition from companies bounded by physical costs, to companies unbounded by cloud-enabled growth is our mission.   

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